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Adventure – Mamba Village Centre – Mombasa, Kenya

It is the largest mamba centre in Africa. Mamba village Centre was established in 1984 by Kobi Kagan (an Israelite Crocodile Hunter) who put into use the 17acre land that was left idle by Bamburi Cement after extracting limestone. The centre was started with 600 freshwater crocodiles all drawn from River Tana. Currently, the centre is a proud home to over ten thousand crocodiles. It is also a home to one of the oldest and among the largest crocodiles in the world named Big Daddy and aged slightly above 110 years. Big Daddy was captured in the River Tana in 1986 after it killed five people. Big Daddy wedded his two wives whom he stayed with for many years without hurting them in a colourful wedding in December 2016. Mamba Centre is currently owned and operated by a Kenyan after Kobi Kagan left to start another farm somewhere in 1989

Big Daddy at his Home

Some Facts about Crocodiles

  • Crocodiles lay eggs between the months of December and January.
  • A single crocodile can lay up to 60 eggs in such a period.
  • The eggs which are laid on dry land take approximately three months before they hatch.
  • A newly hatched crocodile is very tiny with the size of a lizard and takes about 13years to mature and start laying eggs.
  • According to Botany, the sex of the crocodile is highly influenced by the surrounding temperature. It is believed that most female crocodiles are hatched with very low temperatures while the male counterparts are hatched when the temperatures are high.
  • Just like human beings, crocodiles have melanin which gives them the black skin colour. A crocodile born with a deficiency of melanin is known as an ‘’albino crocodile’’ and it has a yellow-whitish colour.
  • Crocodiles can go for about three months without eating.
  • Crocodiles are not swift and therefore they are very cautious when hunting to ensure the prey is caught on the first try.
  • When hunting under waters, crocodiles can swim up to a maximum speed of 32Km/h and can hold breathe for approximately an hour. This adaptation is crucial to ensuring that they can relax and lie unnoticed by the prey.
  • Note you can’t hurt a crocodile by hitting it on the body as its skin is very unsensitive to beating.
Some of the crocodiles aged 50 and above years at the farm

The Mamba Village Centre has a botanical garden which is home to various species of plants among them is a plant commonly known as “don’t touch me.” The name arises from the fact that it reacts by folding it’s leaves immediately someone touches it. Various breeds of snakes and the monitor lizards are found on the farm too.

Mamba village Centre is must visit for all the lovers of wild and nature.

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