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How to be the Best

Always keep an open mind and open eyes because that one thing you think is new isn’t new. Be ready to share your ideas with one person who is of your caliber because there is nothing you are inventing in this world. It is only through sharing that you can seize an opportunity to get to know what your friend knows and therefore you can improve on it to reach to your heights. I conclude by echoing what Henry Ford once said, that is, If I have seen any further it is because I have stood on the shoulders of those who have seen far. Additionally, focus on improving yourself rather than focusing on proving yourself Therefore for you to see farther you should start in the ladder of those who have already seen far and thus you can be the best and distinguished from your counterparts.

Munene Erick
Munene is a top-notch and passionate economist who is confident in his ability to derive clarity, insights, and knowledge from data. He has a vast interest in the economics field. The courses he cares about include: Economic empowerment, poverty alleviation, Education, Environment and Community service. He holds a Bachelor of Economics and statistics of Kenyatta University with an on-going Master of Economics (Policy and Management) in the same institution.

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