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Kenya: The Realist Thoughts

It’s in a time like this I sit and think loudly that we had better followed  fully the footsteps of our good colonizers. They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In as much as our leaders are corrupted by powers, I think we common citizens are drunk of the democratic rights. I at times think we rather had a monarchical type of government than this democracy. We seem to be fighting too much for it and even forget about the blue print which we have to achieve its contents. We are too busy destroying what may lead to the achievement of what is envisaged in this document we call Vision 2030.
As economists all we advocate for is economic growth and afterwards development which can only be achieved in a stable political state and the stability we need lies within us. If we all don’t play our part and refrain from destroying what we have been working to put in place for years and continue behaving like drunkards who take one step forward and two steps backwards and at the instead of getting home they end up back to the drinking place.
Then it doesn’t matter how much the government and other private investors invests in infrastructure to achieve the ambitious plan by 2030. We should stop this habit of demolishing what we already have or else achieving the Vision will only remain a nightmare.
Finally, my thought on this issue is that if we had a royal family just like our colonizers we wouldn’t be facing the agony of going through what we have to endure. We would be saving the billions we spend after every five years to carry out general elections and injecting them into constructive business.
Munene Erick
Munene is a top-notch and passionate economist who is confident in his ability to derive clarity, insights, and knowledge from data. He has a vast interest in the economics field. The courses he cares about include: Economic empowerment, poverty alleviation, Education, Environment and Community service. He holds a Bachelor of Economics and statistics of Kenyatta University with an on-going Master of Economics (Policy and Management) in the same institution.

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