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Rising above the Limitation of Procrastination

Sometimes you just need to get a sober mind sit back and plan yourself. You are the master of your destiny and no one can take you by surprise. Always remember that procrastination is the thief of time therefore just do what you can today since it is a gift and that’s why we call it the present. Additionally, do not let your yesterday interfere with your present since it is a gone past. About the future I got this one to say, you never know about tomorrow and what it may bring, settling for later sometimes becomes never. Be a winner rise up and do what you can today.

Munene Erick
Munene is a top-notch and passionate economist who is confident in his ability to derive clarity, insights, and knowledge from data. He has a vast interest in the economics field. The courses he cares about include: Economic empowerment, poverty alleviation, Education, Environment and Community service. He holds a Bachelor of Economics and statistics of Kenyatta University with an on-going Master of Economics (Policy and Management) in the same institution.

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