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Uniqlo Hires Robots Replacing 90% Staff Force

Automated Robots at Work

Japan-based fashion brand Uniqlo has replaced 90% of it’s staff with automated robots to perform the warehouse duties. Experts believe that by 2030 about a third of the world’s labour force will be automated and this seems to be happening sooner than predicted. The automated systems created in partnership with Daifuku (a provider of material-handling systems) has taken over the duties of inspecting and sorting the clothing before they are delivered. Uniqlo has given a glimpse into the future when everything might actually be automated. The adoption of the system has rendered 90% of the Uniqlo staff in a Tokyo’s Ariake District redundant.

Automated Robots at Work

It is reported that during the launch of the system earlier this week, the robots were seen handling majority of the duties including packing, labeling, and confirming the available stock among other duties. It is also reported that only one person was seen in this whole process only placing a red garment in the cardboard box.

Uniqlo has projected spending about 100 billion (approximately $890 million) Japanese Yen to transform its warehouses in Japan and eleven others across the globe. Uniqlo has projected that the adoption of this system will help in minimization of the storage costs and enhance faster delivery of products across the world.

It is therefore evidently clear that unless the technology is implemented in safe mode then human labour could be rendered useless in the coming Century.

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